The app  

Our project revolves around the castle of Capelle. We will give you a glimpse into the daily lives of the people of Capelle and the former castle from back in time. See how the castle will appear right in front of your eyes and explore it. Try to figure out what everyone is trying to do, and find all the pigeons that are around the castle, inspired from the pigeon and thief’s museum.



"Restanten Slot Capelle"

2902HR Capelle aan den IJssel

Some things to keep in mind

The position of the castle might vary depending on the height of the person handling the phone. 

Holding the phone horizontally will result in a better view of the project. 

Take a look at all 4 markers around the castle grounds for the full experience. 

The application is made by animation students as a school project, keep in mind it might not be perfect. 


   Meet our characters   

To bring our project to life, we designed three human characters and some pigeons that you can spot moving around the castle. They are all designed with our history research in mind. Here we will give you some more information about them.

The lord

The Lord is the person living in the castle. Often rich, and in this case also the owner of the little prison and pigeon house, now known as "Dief & duifhuisje", a museum. This location is not far from the castle, and is what inspired our next characters


This thief is trying to break into the castle. How will he do it? Is he going to make it, or is he going to get caught? Will the Lord send him to the prison when he finds out? 


This prisoner escaped the Lord's prison, and is now trying to get back into the castle. Not for himself, but to save his lady, who is now stuck here. Will he be able to save her? 


Our project is inspired by the history of Capelle, at this exact spot. We brought back the castle that was once there, available for everyone to see. Overtime, the castle has seen several different renovations, so we made our own interpretation of the castle, based on the information we found. 


Along with the castle came the thief and pigeon house, that is now a museum. In that time though, along with the pigeons, there was place for two prisoners at a time. The Lord had the say over the pigeons and the prisoners, and it has been said that he would regularly have a pigeon on the menu. This inspired his actions in the app. He is chasing a pigeon, maybe to even make it into dinner?


The sound design in the app is also based off of history. We wanted to give a feel of the everyday life around the castle, and the sound design enhances this experience.



   A preview   

Excited? Here is a preview of the app:



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